Protecting The Children
 - help stop child abuse and help the victims
logo-black.gif Child abuse is more common than you think
Children (and teens) need to be protected
Together, we can make a difference

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Purchase any item(s) on this page and the commission I earn will go towards protecting the children and helping children have a better life.

Buy one (or more) of these books from Amazon.
I've read many of the true stories below myself and they've all brought tears to my eyes. I plan to read all of them some day.

These books are true stories written by Cathy Glass, a foster parent who has made a difference in many children's lives.

These books are true stories written by Tory Hayden, an educational psychologist and special education teacher.

These books are true stories written by or for the victims.

Here are a few more books.

Buy one (or more) of these movies from Amazon.

These 2 movies are extra special to me.

I saw the first one in my late teens, and decided that I wanted to do something about the problems that cause children to become prostitutes.
I saw the second one in my early 20's, and decided my life goal then. Helping and protecting children.

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